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First Aid saves lives


St John Cymru Wales Gift of a Life Saved Appeal:

It’s thanks to our fantastic supporters that lives are saved across Wales every day through vital first aid.

We rely on donations, both large and small to make sure our volunteers are trained and equipped to deal with medical emergencies at any time. They will be on duty over Christmas while people are having fun, to make sure first aid is available should the worst happen.

The gifts we receive enable us to train more and more members of the public in first aid, building a community of first aiders giving them the confidence and skills they need to respond when an emergency or injury occurs. The people we train may go on to help save the life of a friend or family member in an emergency, just like Roxy…

You could give the gift of a life saved this Christmas...

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Roxy’s Story...


6 year old Roxy-Marie Jones helped save her baby brother’s life thanks to her quick thinking and first aid skills.

Roxy and her little brother, Harley-John, were staying with their grandparents when Harley had a seizure. Roxy knew exactly what to do thanks to the first aid training she received at her local St John Cymru Wales Badger group. 

She told her grandparents they needed to take Harley’s dummy out of his mouth to clear his airway, put him in the recovery position and dial 999. 

When the ambulance arrived, Roxy greeted the paramedics and assured them she had been looking after her baby brother. Harley was taken to hospital for treatment where he made a full recovery. 

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